Blizzard Bags

For your blizzard bag day 1:

This is one of my many favorite math videos:

Watch this video and answer the following questions from this worksheet involving exponents.

In class we have been working on unit analysis. Watch this video before completing the questions on this worksheet .  Do the best you can and bring in what you have done.  If you do not have a printer, please copy the work down on another slip of paper.

Thank you for trying your best.  I will see you Tuesday.  NWEA testing will be on Wednesday of this week.   :)

Blizzard Bag Day 2!

Algebra 1 Blizzard Bag day 2


Welcome to our last Blizzard Bag day activity.  You will be watching two videos, practice some problems on Khan Academy and then complete a worksheet.  There will be a worksheet on mean, median and mode given to you in class.  After you have finished, please use the SMADness numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 to form numbers 1 - 10 like what we did in class on Friday. (recall you may use any operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, with ALL the numbers given to form 1 - 10).   Post below how many you have found and bring them into class along with the average worksheet tomorrow for full credit.
If you cannot print the worksheet, write the problems on a separate sheet of paper to hand in.  
If you have any questions, post them as comments on this page.  I will be on periodically to answer questions throughout the day.


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  2. Its waaayyyyy to late to be doing this Waton. Im doing all my blizzard bags, so I can hangout with someone tomorrow. You're killing me.

    Jk, Hope you have a great snow day with the family! :)

    1. Watson, Where is the worksheet?? Its like. Not here. ugh :( You're killing me! I watched the video at least.